"Excellent penetration - no wear after 1500 acres."

~ Todd Coverdale, Warner, Alberta

"It just blows the competition away!"

~ Brent & Ernie Kobbert, Hines Creek, Alberta

"We have never had such fast emergence on canola!"

~ Alan and Gord Carr, Delisle, Saskatchewan

VW Manufacturing

Premium Quality carbide drill Points providing you peace of mind!

  • Craftsmanship

    The Highest quality materials and craftsmanship create drill-points that are replaced far less often than much lower quality implements.

  • Service

    Quality and Service go hand-in-hand, and VW Manufacturing is no stranger to either, providing the service you need for peace-of-mind in the field.

  • Tools

    Full carbide points provide uniformity leading to consistent spread and depth. More consistency means less worry, and more productivity.

  • Yield

    Uniform seed distribution and seed bed quality provided by VW Manufacturing implements lead to higher yields, and ultimately bigger profit.


Want higher returns per acre, great germination and uniform emergence? Then you’ve come to the right place. VW Manufacturing, based in Dunmore, Alberta, can help your farming operation thrive with the best drill points for your air drills and prompt, helpful service. Our aim is to help growers get on with their business of farming by delivering the most reliable, efficient carbide tips in the industry. All products are manufactured to ISO 9002 standards.

Don’t leave money on the table - create the perfect seed bed

As you know, direct seeding is extremely demanding. Create the perfect seed bed by ensuring your drill point is cutting 100% of the time. Our full carbide drill points maintain their width and do not “narrow up” when used. Large amounts of fertilizer are also able to be placed safely in the proper location (between and slightly below the paired seed row) for optimum fertilizer uptake. Read more about seeding tips here »

High quality and value for money

As a grower, we understand the importance of getting the best value for your dollar when investing in your equipment. That’s why farmers are turning to us for quality, cost-effective drill points thanks to our advanced technology and low overhead.

In fact, VW Manufacturing’s full carbide drill points cost less per acre and bushel produced than any other drill point and are proven to last longer giving you solid return on investment.

Today, VW Manufacturing offers a full line of drill points and air drill openers ready to be shipped as needed to meet a busy farmer’s schedule.

Customer service is critical in how we operate and our team is available to help every step of the way. See what growers have to say about our products and service »