Product Reviews From Farmers Like You.

VW5FC, basically no wear – Jason from Gold Ridge Farming Co. Turin, Alberta

” I tried the VW5FC 3 1/2″ carbide points on our Bourgault knock on openers. I put the VW carbide openers beside regular openers with Chromium weld on added. These points were worn out completely, when the VW5FC was basically showing  no wear. We now have fully equipped our cultivator with the VW5FC carbide openers. Highly recommended.”

Very Durable – Long Lasting – Great Products! ~ Tom Entz, Field Boss, Carmichael Farming Company, Carmichael, Saskatchewan
“We have used VW drill points in our farming company for thirty years. Very durable – long lasting – great products. We are very satisfied with our VW drill points.”

Local customer says. “VW put carbide on my 1890 seed boot 10 years ago the carbide and seed boot look basically like new. I will easily get another 10 years out of this same seed boot highly recommended”

Outlast Harmon Parts Up To 10 To 1! ~ Derek Stroh, Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan
“We use VW Drill Points because it looks to us like they Outlast Harmon parts up to 10 to 1!”

VW Drill Points Lasted Over 10 Times As Long As Harmon Points ~ Larry Baerg, New Norway, Alberta
“We use VW Drill Points and love them! Our VW Drill points lasted over 10 times as long as Harmon points. We have just recently purchased a New Drill and are looking at equipping it with VW products.”

Excellent Carbide Placement And Wear! ~ Daryl Mastel, Liebenthal, Saskatchewan
“I have been using VWJD1890SB Seed Boots with carbide on the wear edge and scraper edge for my 1890 John Deere Disc Drill. I am on my third set of disc’s and still no wear on the boot. Excellent carbide placement and wear! Highly recommend!”

Little To No Wear After 3700 Acres! ~ Merlin Peterson, Oyen, Alberta
“I use the VW14FB openers with the VW11FC full carbide points. I have seen little to no wear on these points after 3700 acres. VW Warranty Service is great, if a carbide happens to come off they will replace it in the off-season. I highly recommend VW Manufacturing Ltd.”

Stand Up Very Well In Our Tough Conditions. We Know Our Next Set Of Drill Points Will Be VW Manufacturing! ~ Joe, Field Boss, Hutterville Colony, Magrath, Alberta
“After 8 years and approximately 40,000 acres, we still have some of the original VW10FC drill points on our drill. These openers stand up very well in our tough conditions. We know our next set of drill points will be VW Manufacturing.”

In 40 Years – I Have Seen Them All – The VW Paired Row Triple Shoot Opener Is My Pick! ~ Report/Writer in one of North Americas leading agricultural newspapers
” In 40 years of writing and reporting on seed and fertilizer openers – and I have seen them all – the VW Paired Row Triple Shoot Opener is my pick. In my opinion the choice is clear. It is all about location – location – location!”

They Make A Perfect Seed Bed! These Points Stay In The Ground, Maintain Their Width, And Are Extremely Durable! ~ Jim Curran, Shelbrook, Saskatchewan
“We seed approx. 7500 acres a year with 2 air drills. We use VW MFG. full carbide drill points on our drill: one with VW10FC and one with VW11FC. We have tried other drill points and find the VW MFG. drill points to work extremely well. They make a perfect seed bed. The carbide does all the work all the time. These points stay in the ground all the time, maintain their width and are extremely durable. We feel we are producing a minimum of 2 bushels more per acre using the VW MFG. drill points. Over 5 years using $8 per bushel as an average price per bushel, this is very important.”

Excellent Dealer Service! With These Drill Points, Even Hard Packed Trails In The Field Can Be Sowed! ~ Dale Schwabb, Meyronne, Saskatchewan
“We own a Harmon air drill. Being a lighter drill causes problems in hard packed ground. The VWHC2 carbide drill point has eliminated any penetration problem. With these drill points, even hard packed trails in the field can be sowed. After the first season of use, I see no wear. Expected acreage 15,000-20,000 acres and most of our land is abrasive. Also, excellent dealer service.”

Excellent Penetration; No Wear After 1500 Acres ~ Todd Coverdale, Warner, Alberta
“We used the VW5FC full carbide spoons in the wheel tracks on our Bourgault air drill. We had excellent penetration; no wear after 1500 acres. The rest of our chromium tipped spoons were long since worn out. These spoons look like they will outlast many sets of chromium tipped regular spoons. We are equipping the rest of our drill with these carbide spoons for spring.”

Super Penetration With No Breakage, These Full Carbide Points Made A Perfect Seed Bed ~ Bing Sulz, Medicine Hat, Alberta
“At my farm at Golden Prairie, we used the VW12FC. These full carbide points made a perfect seed bed. There was super penetration with no breakage. They cut right through the hard compacted areas such as the hard packed truck trails in the field. I would highly recommend these full carbide drill points.”

Great Germination And Uniform Emergence, Almost No Noticeable Wear ~ Gordon Bishop , Langdon, Alberta
“My son Geoff and I farm 3,000 acres just east of Calgary. We seed with a Flexicoil 5000 air drill, single shoot. We found the openers to produce an excellent seed bed at a consistent seed depth that resulted in great germination and uniform emergence. Upon completion of seeding there was almost no noticeable wear on the openers, which makes us think we will get many years of service from them. Our old openers would require replacing at the end of each season. Vic was very accommodating in service and getting us our new points in a timely manner. He also phoned us to ask how the points were performing. This level of service is very much appreciated.”

Service Was Great! We Feel This Tip Doesn’t Disturb Soil As Much As Some Competitors ~ Henry Kleinsasser, Bench Colony, Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
“We at Bench Colony, used the VW10FC points from VW Manufacturing Ltd. It seemed to penetrate really well! The impressive part is the way this tip wears-real uniform. We feel this tip doesn’t disturb soil as much as some competitors. Service was great.”


VW10FC Drill Points Were Very Durable. The VW Manufacturing Service Has Been Excellent! ~ Warren Hilz, Hilz Farms, Vulcan, Alberta
“We seeded our 8,000 acres this year with the VW10FC in various soil types. Germination and emergence was very good. The VW10FC drill points were very durable and will be long lasting. The VW Manufacturing Ltd service has been excellent.”

Points Stay In The Ground Instead Of Riding On Top ~ Eli Wipf, Twilight Colony & Homeland Colony, Falher, Alberta
“Our farms are in Falher, Alberta, in the Whitemud area. For the time being, both farms are worked and operated as one group. We seed approximately 22,000 acres. Within these acres, we have some gumbo as well as some sandy soil, both with some rocks. We have been using different varieties of drill points. Until using VW Manufacturing Ltd. drill points, we were never satisfied with the wear on the points as well we had breakage problems. When you have a good seed placement, that produces good emergence, and the crop is healthier. This solves a lot of problems you don’t have to deal with. Without carbide on the points, we would never be able to achieve this. What we find with these points is they stay in the ground instead of riding on top. The sharp carbide drill points remain sharp placing your seed where you want to be.”

After Seeding 3,000 Acres, There Was No Wear! ~ Jacob Hofer, Hillview Colony, Rosebud, Alberta
“Our farm is located 5 miles north of Rosebud Alberta. We seed 6,400 acres of cereals and canola in dark brown soil with two Bourgeault Air Drills with midrow banders. After installing VW10FC carbide drill points on one air seeder last spring, we seeded 3,000 acres and we found the VW10FC points penetrate hard ground. After seeding 3,000 acres there was no wear. They look like they will last for 15,000 acres. I am installing these points on our second drill this spring. I would recommend these points to others. VW Manufacturing Ltd has good service and good prices for good products.”

The Seed Spread Was Excellent, Giving Us A Full 3″ Band. We Have Never Had Such Fast Emergence On Canola Before Using These Openers! ~ Alan and Gord Carr, Delisle, Saskatchewan
“We crop 3,000 acres and last spring we tried a set of VW10FC openers with carbide wings and on our 40′ Flexi Coil5000HD air drill. We found the soil flowed up and over the opener very well. They gave a uniform seeding depth, even when penetrating hard ground where we turn on our head land. The seed spread was excellent, giving us a full 3″ band. We have never had such fast emergence on canola before using these openers.”

Along With The Openers The Integrity Of VW Manufacturing Has Been Outstanding! ~ Tom Vavrek, Grande Prairie, Alberta
“We seed 2,000 acres a year in the peace county in Alberta. Our farm is seven miles west of Sexsmith or 27 miles north of Grand Prairie. Our soil type is mostly grey although we have land that is deep black and heavy grey gumbo and land that is blue sticky gumbo to brown gumbo. We have some really tough land to seed and it is difficult to get consistent depth control. We seed with a Flexicoil 5000 45 foot air drill with a 9 inch spacing. We used a 3.5 inch stealth spread tip and I found that if I put them on brand new, I was consistent in our tough land for the first 1,300 acres. In cereals, it was not a big problem but in canola, I was in trouble. After the 1,300 acres, I would be moving tips from the wings to the tractor and drill tracks with not much improvement. We finally put points with carbide tips from VW Manufacturing Ltd on and my drill was much more consistent from wings to tractor to drill tracks. I put the VW Manufacturing points on half way through seeding, and I have since sown 3,000 acres and there is virtually no wear. With these tips it looks like we will be seeding with even depth and not changing tips for a long time. These tips could be good for 12,000 acres if I compare the wear on them to the chrome openers I used before. We have also tried a new tip from VW Manufacturing, this tip has carbide on the top side of the wings instead of the bottom side. I used this tip for 1000 acres behind the drill and tractor tracks and noticed very good penetration and virtually no wear. I think that this tip has very good prospects and will probably wear longer than the VW8FC tips we now run. This tip could very possibly exceed the 12000 acre mark. Along with the openers the integrity of Vic Wickstrom and VW Manufacturing has been outstanding. Vic’s continuous support and follow up on the product has been great.”

Worked Great – Perfect Germination – Very Even Emergence. Very Satisfied – VW Service Best I’ve Had In 40 Years Farming! ~ Allan Godenir, Ponteix, Saskatchewan
“We used the VW Paired Row Openers this spring. Worked great – perfect germination – very even emergence. Very aggressive and easy pulling. Paired Row very distinct – very visible. Plants have lots of ‘room to grow’. Very satisfied – VW service best I’ve had in 40 years farming. Thank you VW”

Very Impressed! We Are Looking Forward To Seeding This Spring! ~ Brian Oster Golden Prairie, Saskatchewan
“We demoed VW30PR Triple Shoot Opener on our Harmon Air Drill. I was very impressed with the field finish. The soil flow and the seed bed created by the opener. We are looking forward to seeding this spring with our new VW30PR Triple Shoot Openers.”

Excellent Germination. No Breakage Or Carbide Loss. Approximately 5,000 Acres – Basically No Wear! ~ Wilfred Scherger, Liebenthal, Saskatchewan
“Excellent germination. No breakage or carbide loss. Regardless of the colour of the drill, it is what is in the ground that counts! I recommend any VW product. Approximately 5,000 acres – basically no wear.”

Treat Yourself To A Product That Takes Some Stress Out Of Farming! We Highly Recommend V.W. Manufacturing Ltd.! ~ Clint & Gail Schafer, Brownlee, Saskatchewan
“We have used these points for the past three years and are very impressed. The quality is excellent at reasonable price. Products have always been shipped to us so quickly. We also have used the side plates with the same good results. VW Manufacturing’s products are excellent and we will continue to use them. Treat yourself to a product that takes some stress out of farming! We highly recommend V.W. Manufacturing Ltd.!”

Last Up To 15 Times Longer Than Regular Spoons. I Have Peace Of Mind, Knowing These Full Carbide Spoons Are Cutting All The Time And Always Maintain Their Full ~ Devon Watling, Manville, Alberta
“In 2008, I equipped my Bourgault air drill with VW5FC full carbide spoons. After this year’s seeding, there was virtually no wear on these points. I think these could last up to 15 times longer than regular spoons. These points are a tremendous time saver – no changing spoons all the time. I have peace of mind, knowing these full carbide spoons are cutting all the time and always maintain their full width.”

I Found VW Manufacturing’s Pricing To Be The Price Leader. It Just Blows The Competition Away! ~ Brent & Ernie Kobbert, Hines Creek, Alberta
“In 2008, while looking for full carbide drill points, I found just what I wanted – VW Manufacturing’s VW12FC. This 3 inch opener is just what I wanted to qualify for carbon credits. I found VW Manufacturing’s pricing to be the price leader. It just blows the competition away! Penetration was totally consistent at all times; no adjusting needed. After 6000 acres, the VW12FC looked virtually new. We had one small carbide chip on one point. VW Manufacturing stands behind their products, because VW replaced the missing carbide at no cost to us.”

Get Considerably More Acres Out Of These Drill Points Than Others. We Have Had No Carbide Loss And No Breakage ~ Kim Waiting, Limerick, Saskatchewan
“We have used the VWHC1 for a number of years. We have had no carbide loss and no breakage. We get considerably more acres out of these drill points than others.”

I Have Found That The VW7CC To Have The Best Wear Resistance ~ Curtis Argue, Argue Farms, Swift Current, Saskatchewan
“My total farm acreage is 6000 acres. I have bought and tried various points and have found out that the VW7CC – with the 2 pieces of carbide – from VW Manufacturing Ltd. to have the best wear resistance. We have seeded for 2 years with the same set of points. Likely we will be get a third season.”

We Have Been Very Satisfied With The Service From VW Manufacturing Ltd And Are Looking Forward To Doing Business With Them In The Future ~ Richard Seward, Bradkor Farms, Foremost, Alberta
“My two sons and I crop 18,000 acres near Foremost Alberta. We have tried different points over the last few years. With our abrasive soil and some rocky conditions, we were finding premature wear on our points and had problems with the carbide breaking off. This spring Vic from VW Manufacturing let us try the new VW10FC full carbide point. Each of our drills seed 4,500-5,000 acres each year and at the end of the season three was very little wear on these points—even behind the tractor tracks. We didn’t lose any carbide and we were happy with the seed spread and emergence. We are hoping to get 3 to 4 seasons out of these points. We have been very satisfied with the service from VW Manufacturing Ltd and are looking forward to doing business with them in the future.”

Excellent Results! We Are Very Satisfied With The Performance Of These Points And With The Service Of VW Manufacturing Ltd. ~ Irwin Kuhn, Acadia Valley, Alberta
“I used VW Manufacturing’s VW10FC point with carbide along top of wing and believe we could get 20,000 acres plus from these points. We planted 5,500 acres with this drill with little or no wear. The VW10FC points used for 7,500 acres on our farm in 2007, with excellent results, and we estimate that we can complete another season with these tips. We are very satisfied with the performance of these points and with the service of VW Manufacturing Ltd.”

We Have Found That Germination And Emergence Is Excellent, Likely Due To The Precise Placement Of Seed ~ Joe Wipf, Magrath, Alberta
“Our farm is south of Lethbridge. We farm 7,000 acres of rocky land and this year we have seeded 5,000 acres. We have used VW10FC points in the spring of 2007 and have found that germination and emergence is excellent, likely due to the precise placement of the seed. We have tried other points and have found the VW10FC point made by VW Manufacturing Ltd., to be the most durable and the longest lasting due to the full carbide. What is unique to these points is that they have carbide at the front as well as the sides. The carbide shoes do the work, all the time, with the soil flowing over the carbide and the wing. The wings do not work all the time with the soil flowing over the carbide and the wing. The wings do not wear off and the points remain the same size. These points shine up with usage and stay sharp, wearing from sides and bottom. They penetrate our hard ground and stay in well. They maintain their width the entire life of the point. While I have not worn out any yet, it looks to me like the life these points will be at least 50,000 acres.”

Dealing With VW Manufacturing Ltd. Has Been A Good Experience And Have Had Prompt Service. It Is Reassuring To Know Any Concerns I May Have Will Be Dealt With I ~ Dean Loran , Acadia Valley, Alberta
“I farm approximately 6,000 acres of brown soil with 3,000 acres being seeded this year using the VW10FC drill points and 3 inch packers. I have used carbide tips in the past with excellent results as to wear and expect this to continue. The air drill pulled easily and the germination was good even though I used packers 1 inch smaller than the openers. I am quite satisfied with the yield especially considering the dry conditions we experienced this crop year. Dealing with VW Manufacturing Ltd. has been a good experience and have had prompt service. It is reassuring to know any concerns I may have will be dealt with in an efficient and courteous way.”

This Season I Used One Of VW Manufacturing’s Full Carbide Tips And With The Accent Improvements To The Strength And Wings, I Feel This Will Make Them An Excelle ~ David Lemare, Acadia Valley, Alberta
“This season I used one of VW Manufacturing’s full carbide tips and with the accent improvements to the strength and wings, I feel this will make them an excellent wearing tip. Possibly 20,000 – 25,000 acres depending on soil conditions. Looking forward to trying a full set.”

We Have Used VW Manufacturing Carbide Points For A Number Of Years ~ Eli Wipf, Ponderosa Colony, Grassy Lake, Alberta
“We have used VW Manufacturing carbide points for a number of years. We tried the new VW10FC with full carbide in 2006. This season I used one of VW Manufacturing’s full carbide tips and with the accent improvements to the strength and wings, I feel this will make them an excellent wearing tip.”

We Have Used VW Manufacturing Products For More Than 25 Years ~ Richard Tomacek – Glenside, SK
“We have used VW Manufacturing products for more than 25 years – going back to our hoe drill days. Today we use the VW7CC and the VW10FC and have recently purchased the Super Slim VW13FC – 1-1/2″ spread full carbide drill point. Thank you VW Manufacturing for all the great products over the years.”

We Double Shoot With Our VW7CC On The VW14FB opener With The VW21DSF – 4″ Paired Row On Back Of VW14FB. Very Durable – Awesome Job! ~ Lyndon Johnston, Shaunavon, SK
“We double shoot with our VW7CC on the VW14FB opener with the VW21DSF – 4″ paired row on back of VW14FB. We like the 3/4″ wide opening where the fertilizer comes out – and the four carbides on either side of the VW21DSF. Very durable – awesome job.”

Highly Recommended! Very Little Wear In Three Years Use ~ Boyd Dunham, Admiral, SK
“I have used the VW5FC full carbide opener on my Bourgault holder for the last three years. Excellent durability in our rocks and very little wear in three years use – looks like we could get ten years or more. Highly recommended.”

The VW Parts Last Far Longer Than Original – Great Job – Very Durable! ~ Patrick Kunz – Medicine Hat, AB
“The VW Manufacturing Morris Double Shoot parts – the VW23M1C main front point with two carbides – the VW24M2C full carbide deflector and the side plates – the VWM25C with carbide all along the wear surface – work great. The VW parts last far longer than original – great job – very durable.”

Big Carbides For Extra Long Life. Excellent Products – Very Durable – Reasonably Priced! ~ Mike Muscoby, Windthorst, SK
“We have used VW MFG. Drill points on our Harmon Drills for fteen years. Excellent products – very durable – reasonably priced. Big carbides for extra long life. Points work very well in our tough soils. Perfect seed and fertilizer separation.”

Great Company – Great Service Along With Best Price. Highly Recommended! ~ Joe Wipf – Field Boss – Hutterite Farming Co., Magrath, AB.
“We have used VW openers and drill points for more than 10 years. Very durable in our tough rocky soils. Minimal soil disturbance – perfect seed bed. We use the VW10FC 4 inch spread point on our 7 inch row space Flexi drills. Easy pulling – The VW full carbide drill points are the real easy pull drill points. Great company – great service along with best price. Highly recommended.”

Easy Pulling – Very Durable Great Field Finish And Seed Bed ~ Darnel Denham – D. D. Denham Farms Ltd., Weekes, SK.
“We use the VW12FC on our two Flexi drills. Basically no wear after one year. Easy pulling – very durable great field finish and seed bed.”

Very Satisfied – Very Durable Drill Points. Easy Pulling – Made To Wear And Made To Last! ~ Doug Fawcett, Consort, AB.
“We use the VW11FC on our Flexi drill and we get a number of years and acres per set. Very satisfied – very durable drill points. Easy pulling – made to wear and made to last. The cutting edge carbide on wing sides is placed properly.”

We Have Been Using VW Manufacturing Drill Point Products For 35 Years. Very Durable Products ~ Henry Kleinsasser, Bench Farming Co., Shaunavon, SK.
“We have been using VW Manufacturing drill point products for 35 years. We just recently purchased the VW13FC and the VW12FC for our two 61′ drills. VW products work very well for us on our tough conditions on our Bench and Sierra farms. Very durable products.”

The Carbide Side Plates Work Great And Last Considerably Longer Than Regular Drill Points ~ Claude Palmier, LaFleche, SK
“The VW Manufacturing Morris Double Shoot – The main front point with two carbiders – the full carbide deflector and the carbide side plates work great and last considerably longer than regular drill points.”

They Are Extremely Durable And Work Very Well In Our Rocky Abrasive Soil. Thank You Mate! ~ Chris Dohnt, Adelaide, Australia.
“Very happy to receive my VWHC1 Harmon drill points from VW Manufacturing. They are extremely durable and work very well in our rocky abrasive soil. Looks like will last many years. Thank you mate.”

Drill Points Stand Up Well In Our Rocky Conditions ~ Ross and Stan Fitzpatrick, Eatonia, SK.
“Have used VW10FC drill points on our VW14FB openers for 10 years. Drill points stand up well in our rocky conditions. We had a couple of chipped carbides – VW replaced those chipped carbides at no charge. Very happy with VW products – highly recommended.”

Our Canola Yields Doubled With These Openers! 3000 Acres On These Openers And The Wear Is Hardly Noticeable! ~ Tony Dechaine, Linalta Stock Farms
“We started using VW Manufacturing carbide drill points – (VWHC2 openers) on our our Harmon 3280 seeder three years ago and I’m very impressed with them. We seed between 1000-1200 acres every spring. Before we got them we were just using Harmon B type openers and we could only do about 1800-200 acres with them However the legs we put them on would wear and there was considerable breakage. Another thing was that you had to put them too deep or they would come out of the ground, even when set under an inch of depth. Our canola yields doubled with these openers and we’ve got over 3000 acres on these openers and the wear is hardly noticeable with very little breakage (2 or 3 out of 40 openers).”

VW Drill Points Stand Up Well In Our Abrasive Soil And Wear Far Longer Than Others ~ Daryl & Greg Lausen, Carhill Land & Cattle Corp., Carseland, Alberta.
“We have used VW Manufacturing full carbide drill points on our Flexi Coil drill for twelve years and recently purchased another set. VW drill points stand up well in our abrasive soil and wear far longer than others. VW drill points maintain their width of cut throughout the entire life of the drill points.”

We Would Recommend These Drill Points To Anyone. An Excellent Product! ~ Merlin & Clare Peterson, Mid Prairie Crop Production LTD, Oyen Alberta
“We used VWs 3 inch carbide point for the first time in the spring of 2015. We were very impressed with the durability and seed placement under less than ideal conditions that spring. We have equipped our new John Deere 1835 drill with VW openers – VW14FB and VW11FC. We would recommend these drill points to anyone. An excellent product.”

Very Long Wearing – Durable – Best Price With Great Customer Service ~ Kevin Schalin, East Arrow Farms, Gleichen, AB.
“We have used VW Manufacturing products on our Morris Double Shoot Drill for many years. The main front point – the VWM1C – with two carbides and the full carbide deflector and the carbide side plates. Very long wearing – durable – best price with great customer service.”

We Have Used VW Manufacturing Products For More Than 25 Years ~ Richard Tomacek, Glenside, SK
“We have used VW Manufacturing products for more than 25 years – going back to our hoe drill days. Today we use the VW7CC and the VW10FC and have recently purchased the Super Slim VW13FC – 1-1/2″ spread full carbide drill point. Thank you VW Manufacturing for all the great products over the years.”

Great drill points – 4000 acres – basically no wear ~ Jesse St John, KB2J Acres, Brock, SK.
“We use VW MFG carbide scrapers on our mid row banders on our air drill. Looks like the carbide scrapers last at least three times longer than regular scrapers. We also use the VW12FC – full carbide drill points. Great drill points – 4000 acres – basically no wear.”

We expect these products to work very well for us and to last for many acres ~ Doug Zahariuk, RKM FARMS LTD, Flintoft, SK.
“Our first product we bought were carbide scrapers for our 57ft Flexicoil drill packer wheels. There was no noticeable wear after one season of use. This year we purchased VW7CC 3/4 inch wide carbide tips, VW21DSF – 4 inch paired row openers and some VW14FB bodies. We expect these products to work very well for us and to last for many acres. Service at VW MANUFACTURING has been excellent.”

The wear of full carbide VW5FC is unreal – at least fifteen times the wear of non-carbide ~ Don Reichen, Davidson, SK
“We have used the VW5FC knock on spoons for eight years. The wear of full carbide VW5FC is unreal – at least fifteen times the wear of non carbide. Very durable – super products from VW MFG “