All of our products are warrantied for materials and workmanship defects for a one-year standard warranty.
The warranty may void due to abrasive soils, rock damage, installation damage or other factors.

VW Manufacturing does not, design, manufacture or sell seeding or fertilizer products to be used in muddy conditions. VW Manufacturing does not recommend seeding in muddy conditions.

All castings conform to ISO 9002 quality standards.


Please Note

If a carbide comes off , which is an uncommon occurrence and happens only due to rock damage, customers are advised take it off right away, put on a spare and return the damaged drill point back to VW Manufacturing Ltd. for replacement at no charge in the off-season (May 15 - Dec 1). The onus is on customers to take the part off before excessive wear occurs on the chrome in order to avoid rebuilding it (similar to replacing a rim after driving on a flat tire).

If it is caught before chrome is damaged, there is no cost for replacement. If rebuilding is necessary, there is an additional charge.

Watch this video clip for a demonstration on how to properly install VW Manufacturing Products